Update From a Ghost Town

Hey Guys!

So I’m stuck working in a Ghost town this month! I’m using my cell phone as a tether to play poker on my very slow computer. Its working well tho, I was very nervous about the phone tether but its working out great! I don’t really seem to notice any lag, and its super reliable.

The Downside to playing out here is that My computer is very slow, so I cant Run a HUD while I’m playing. I can play fine without one, but Huds allow me to pay attention less, and when Im working a 15 hr day Its very hard to play 100%. So I miss that.

Other wise I’m in High Spirits, Im break Evenish this week, My Bankroll is around $545 . I’m staying around the $6 level since I cant really focus too well right now and I don’t want the pressure of losing while I’m out here. hope everyones well!




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