The Grind

I thought I would write a bit about my current Grind, its pros and cons, and other stuff Im working on to improve.

Typically Im working from 7am-9pm, weekdays. This means I come home, Go directly to my computer and try to put in a solid hour, before i get too tired, and then go to sleep. Rinse and Repeat mon-fri. I like trying to put a solid hour in every night, its tough tho, with co workers wanting to hang after work, sometimes I have work related Homework to do. Sadly this is the only way I can grind this challenge short of quitting my Job. Saturday and Sunday, I usually Reflect on my play, go over my notes and/or flashcards. and do a bit of reading. Then Ill try to grind a decent block of HUSNGs. I feel I’m playing better, tho my Bankroll doesn’t Reflect it. I’m currently at $375. Im trying not to focus too much on what I’m behind on, and rather just focus on my play, and why things are working or not working. If I can Finish this month strong, Ill be very happy with myself and the progress.


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