Running Mediocre

Rough couple of weeks guys!

My Bankroll is a meesley $310! I ran horrible for a little while trying to run mediocre against someone in the $12 games, then I just couldn’t win a flip to save my life for the longest stretch of days. At one point my Bankroll dropped to about $200 but Ive been sticking to $6 and got it back up to $310. The biggest challenge of this Challenge is finding time to play. I did an 18 day work stint, where i didn’t have any days off, and was working anywhere from 13-20 hr days. Tho only one day was 20 hrs, still Its very hard to concentrate on playing cards when all you wanna do is close your eyes and rest. I have Next week off and am looking forward to doing chores, studying, and grinding. One of the things Ive been toying with is creating some Excel Sheets and going through Hands Ive played to make sure I’m doing the correct play. Ive been watching some good, although basic, tutorials on youtube, and I definitely look forward to putting my knowledge to work.
Also I wanna try to do video content in general for my youtube channel. All of this I aspire to do next week. Im still in this to win this, so wish me luck!



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