Back from NY

Hey Guys!

Went to NY for a week! It was fun, but I’m glad to be back. Ive been grinding the $6 Hyper HUSNGs again, and having pretty decent success. My BR is $422 and climbing. Ive been doing my best to stay focused, I’m practicing 1 tabling for the moment, which really helps a lot. I’m trying to put the hours in before my next job starts on Monday. Ill be doing 6 day weeks for the next 3 weeks, which will be a bit gross, but I’m cool with that. Its a quick job so it cant be too bad.


This hand happened earlier this morning.

Game started at: 2014/4/19 9:14:18
Game ID: 274790062 10/20 $6 Hyper Turbo Heads-up, Table 1 (Hold’em)
Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: Dstunner27 (554).
Seat 2: SpaceDog (446).
Player Dstunner27 has small blind (10)
Player SpaceDog has big blind (20)
Player SpaceDog received card: [7c]
Player SpaceDog received card: [4s]
Player Dstunner27 received a card.
Player Dstunner27 received a card.
Player Dstunner27 raises (30)
Player SpaceDog calls (20)
*** FLOP ***: [Qs 7h Js]
Player SpaceDog checks
Player Dstunner27 bets (54)
Player SpaceDog raises (110)
Player Dstunner27 calls (56)
*** TURN ***: [Qs 7h Js] [2h]
Player SpaceDog allin (296)
Player Dstunner27 calls (296)
*** RIVER ***: [Qs 7h Js 2h] [10c]
—— Summary ——
Pot: 892
Board: [Qs 7h Js 2h 10c]
*Player Dstunner27 shows: One pair of 10s [9d 10d]. Bets: 446. Collects: 892. Wins: 446.
Player SpaceDog shows: One pair of 7s [7c 4s]. Bets: 446. Collects: 0. Loses: 446.
Game ended at: 2014/4/19 9:15:3



His Turn call on my AI looks deceiving. If you do the math he needs 33% to call but in reality he has 32%. which you can definitely argue makes it a call. BUT thats because you know what my hand is.


If you give me a realistic range for my hand possibilities it looks something like

AA,KK,KQo,KQs,Kts,Kto, K2s, QJs-Q3s,QJo-Q3o Jts-J4s, T7s, T7o, 97s,97o,87s,87o,76s-74s,76o-74o


basically something around 267 combinations of hands that i could be taking that line with. And against my Range he has 20%, which makes his hand a clear fold and not a close call at all. Hands he could call with would be more like Jacks with a strong Kicker, and most Queens, that should be the most of his calling range, so if he had a Jack he should really be thinking about if his kicker is High enough to make calling profitable. Its villains like that tho, that build your bankroll. I rematched him a bit, only won 2 buyins off of him, but i know against him im very +EV. and those are the spots you need to get into.

Obviously all of that is easier said than done, I mean I cant tell you how many times I play regs and basically feel like im FLipping quarters online. But when you can identify those players that play by “Feel” or recreation, then you can just rely on the math and your nerve, and usually you’ll come out on top.


Hope everyone’s doing well!






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