Golf, LIfe, and Filmmaking

Boy what a week!

To start off, on Saturday I bough some golf clubs from the local Roger Dunn golf store down the street. Last Year I started Playing in my Unions Golf Tournament. I’m no good at golfing, in fact last year I placed Last in the whole tournament, BUT when I like something I try to stick with it and focus on getting better at it.  So this year I bought clubs (before I would borrow a set from a friend), and Proceeded to go to the driving range every night and try to focus on my swing, or lack there of. The good news is I have definitely improved, I used to have trouble even connecting with the ball, now at least I can make contact regularly. The bad news is, I cant really hit well with my driver to save my life. Every time I connect It flies Up and to the Right. Sometimes It even fly’s very far to the right. Thankfully tho the tournament is a scramble, and a team format. So all 4 of us hit and then we play best ball. My teammates only have you use 2 of my drives over 18 holes. And my Allies are all very good at golf, so we ended up placing 5th this year we were -7 by the end of the tournament.  I was hoping to somehow miraculously win it so i could say I came in last place the year before and this year I won it. But I suppose that will have to wait some more years. Golf is hard! haha I look forward to practicing more in the future, but am Glad its over with so i can continue to focus on poker.

Week 2 is over of the Kids film I’m on. It was a hard week in the sense that every day was 14hrs and then I had to race home to practice golf, then crash. Not really much room for poker sadly. My Bankroll Currently is….


$593.  Which is up a little from last week, I struggled throughout most of the week, I went down to around $520 is and hovered for a while, then I had a 10 game winning streak Saturday morning and played well today to bring my back up. I’m still happy with my play, I think I just need to play when I’m not so tired from work. I find myself only having the energy for 2-3 sng’s when I get home, before my eyes start to feel the lethargy from work.  Thanks for stopping by and GL at the tables everyone!




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