Off To Vegas

Hey Guys!

What a week!

started playing mostly $6 and $12 HUSNG’s and I did pretty solid for such a low volume.


Not bad for working 14 hour days all week! I stopped early every night because I was starting to nod off while playing.

My Bankroll is $708 dollars. I’m fairly happy with most of my play. Most of my Focus has been on All In situations, with my hand versus their perceived Range vs My perceived Range etc… Its working out. But obviously its a short sample. I look forward to just sticking with $12 HUSNGS, but for now I think its important to play Both, especially since I may not get action at one stake all of the time.

I definitely had a lot of luck with opponents this week. I had a ton of players just making bad plays against me. Its kinda like that scenario when

you raise

someone shoves

you fold

and that someone says ” I knew you were bluffing”


but in reality, If you were bluffing, why raise? cant you just call and beat the bluff?

haha hands like this



the action was something like

Raise then call

flop cbet, I called

Turn was Check Check

I value donked against 2 Pair or worse straight, and he shoves giving me 2-1.  Im not sure why he made that play, If Im bluffing then he could just call and split. If Im not then I usually have a Queen there. I wont elaborate but Im grateful for people making plays in that spot. I hope everyones running good!


Im off to vegas to see old friends and hang out! I dont plan on gambling but who knows! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!





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