Things are looking up

So I finished my weekly grind today ending my BR at:



Had a mediocre week, I shot up to $806 then back down to $717  then hit some run good to bring it back up to where it is. Overall Im happy with most of my play. There were moments when I prolly shouldn’t have re matched some people, also I’m still very sick from weeks ago :(. I went to a doctor about my coughing on Friday, the conversation went something like this

Doc : I saw you about a month ago for coughing?

Me: yes, I ran out of your medication and I’m still coughing so i came back

Doc: I see…. It says here that 6 months ago you came in for a cough, and a year ago you came in for a cough.

Me: Ya Ive had a chronic cough when seasons change my whole life

Doc: Well there’s nothing wrong with your lungs so you don’t have asthma, I’m going to send you to a specialist in Nose and Throat.

Ugh so I call this “Specialist” and he must be super busy cuz the earliest appointment i can make is 3 weeks! blahhh.


OK so back to poker


These numbers are a bit more realistic than the run good I had last month, though obviously my $6 results are over avg. There def are still people that are over playing hands and/or not thinking about my range vs their 2 cards. and its definitely my main income source for the moment.

I still make plays though

hands like:

Game started at: 2014/5/18 16:24:19
Game ID: 282952817 20/40 $12 Hyper Turbo Heads-up, Table 1 (Hold’em)
Seat 2 is the button
Seat 1: SpaceDog (680).
Seat 2: feltburn (320).
Player feltburn has small blind (20)
Player SpaceDog has big blind (40)
Player SpaceDog received card: [8d]
Player SpaceDog received card: [10c]
Player feltburn received a card.
Player feltburn received a card.
Player feltburn calls (20)
Player SpaceDog checks
*** FLOP ***: [2c 2h 4c]
Player SpaceDog checks
Player feltburn checks
*** TURN ***: [2c 2h 4c] [Kd]
Player SpaceDog checks
Player feltburn bets (40)
Player SpaceDog raises (95)
Player feltburn folds
Uncalled bet (55) returned to SpaceDog
Player SpaceDog mucks cards
—— Summary ——
Pot: 160
Board: [2c 2h 4c Kd]
*Player SpaceDog mucks (does not show cards). Bets: 80. Collects: 160. Wins: 80.
Player feltburn does not show cards.Bets: 80. Collects: 0. Loses: 80.
Game ended at: 2014/5/18 16:24:57

Now before you say that what I did was gross. I should mention that I play a lot with this person. on the flop he would min bet any 4 or spade draw.  leaving mostly air and 2’s to check back, on the Turn the King comes. Normally that would be a scare card, especially because he likes to limp med strength hands, But Id noticed 2ice in this match that both K7o and K8s he had shoved for 8 and 9bbs so I really didn’t think the K was part of his range anymore. Also I think if he still had a deuce he would be checking back because I would be more aggro Preflop if I had a King in my hand. So in theory he was attacking my range, but forgot that he really cant rep much except for a 2. I also had been running over him the whole match and might have won the first 15 hands straight, so he was getting pretty frustrated.


Hope everyone’s running good! thanks for stopping by!




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