Supposed to be Looking up, But I find myself Looking In

Hey Guys!

So right of the bat, my Bankroll is at….



Which is up, but in all honesty It was a pretty rough week at the tables. First off Regs, I played prolly all of them. In all honesty though I think its for the better, because half of them stopped sitting my table not necessarily because they were losing, but because their edge just wasn’t there. Back in the day when FTP and Pokerstars were in their prime, The regs would sit down and open a table and the fish would come to the regs. But I think now that poker isn’t as big as it used to be, maybe the regs now don’t know that, and seem to be content with playing tougher players. As is though I still open a table and let the players come to me.

I did have a really good beginning of the week, and ran my bankroll up to $1390, but I had a really wonky last couple of days were none of my hands would hold up. It got really gross and variance laden. Ill show you my graph.



Gross right?

That graph is over some 300 games. Admittedly there’s prolly 10 games in there where I really dislike a play I made or a call I did. Which definitely could have turned the profit around. Ill try to focus more this week and think soundly through my decisions better.


Also I got a chance to study again, I watched some videos took notes and made flash cards. This method has always been the best for me. Especially when I see a video that uses a chart with bullet points. If I flash card it and try to study when I can, It really helps me retain the knowledge.

Its days like these that make me glad I have Rakeback :).

Hope everyone is doing well, and feel free to comment if you have any advice or study tips!




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