Things Are Picking up

Still Sick….

I went to the 5th Doctor for the 6th Time today. They did another chest X-ray and apparently the haze in my left lung has since transferred over to my right lung. Blah. I worked for the first day in 2 weeks last night and proceeded to cough the whole night. no fun. There sending me to a lung expert next week and gave me some more antibiotics.

Onto poker

Great week at the $25 HuSNG tables. My Current Bankroll is….


which makes that one of my best weeks yet! for the most part the week went smooth, tho I did go to war on a reg that keeps sitting me. we played for several hours, and although I’m up on him a little he seems very content to play me all day vs fish. I’m fine playing him, in all honesty he calls multiple streets very light and I get a lot of value in spots that I normally wouldn’t get. I just prefer more variety in my opponents, also I don’t want him to get used to how I play and/or correctly asses a way to play against me one day.

I had to work a night shift this week, and as a result couldn’t sleep last night. So I logged on and landed a pretty bad opponent. He would call super light against AI’s no matter the blinds, would min 3bet me in really dangerous spots for him, and generally just put it in bad. It felt great to be lucky enough to hold, and play confidently against someone who was either shot taking or just some action hungry degenerate. I beat him 8-3 and then started to feel tired so I called it a night finally.

Holdem Manager has been acting up a lot on me this week. When I went to war against a reg for a couple hours this week, I was multi tabling, and as a result it merged all my HH files.  So at the end of the day even though I was a little better than Break Even (+$17 for the day) , Hold Em Manager said I was up $403 for that day. I’m not really sure how to correct this so my graph for the month is going to be skewed off sadly.  At least in Reality I’m up $500 from last week, just not up $900 which is what my computer seems to think.  😦

Hope Everyones doing well, Thanks for stopping by!




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