No Prisoners Taken

Hey Guys!


Bankroll is at


Meaning Best weak at the tables so far in this challenge!



A lot of it has to do with Patience. This week I really stuck to my guns about playing Regs. I know its common sense but I realized if my goal is to move up stakes, then I really shouldn’t be trying to establish myself against the regs at the stakes I play. I should focus more on playing the fish. And it payed off. 🙂 I released 2 videos this week, One was serious, the Other was kinda a scrap video that went short, but still there’s some decent content. If anyone has any questions or comments about my play feel free to comment or let me know what you think. Ill try to do more in the future. 🙂 Im sure you can tell but I’m having a lot of fun doing the Photoshops for all the videos haha I really love the lost in space one I did.

Im very Happy with my play overall. Ive been starting every day with a Routine of making breakfast, making coffee, and reviewing notes and flashcards Ive made of lines and pushing ranges that I should go by. Flash cards are great, Im a firm believer that no ones a “natural” at anything, and if you want to be great or amazing, you have to put in the time. Studying is so crucial to moving up stakes. Currently Im playing the $36’s and the $24’s exclusively. But if my Bankroll permits me in a couple weeks, I hope to be playing the $60 Husngs. Then the games should get really interesting. The higher I climb up in stakes, the less fish there are, and more competent players, Players that have been coached, and people that pay rent playing poker. Should be fun!


Hope all is well!




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