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Im Back!

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the lack of Updates! Its been so long I know! Ok first off, I took a week off and went to NYC for a week. I had a blast! Ran into a bunch of old friends, made some new ones, Drank amazing coffee, Life was good. 🙂

On the flip side….

My Uncle passed away the day before my trip, and my parents were both vacationing in Europe so I had to try to sort things out for them while they made last minute arrangements to come back to the states to attend the funeral. Not gonna lie, it was pretty chaotic on my end. But then again, Funerals are never convenient for anyone.

I took some pretty Sick beatings at the table last month, Not all of it was done on this computer though so I don’t have the most accurate graphs to show you. My high point last month was making it to 3,000 on the bankroll! But then the Beat down happened and before I knew it, I was down to $2400. Gross..

But I hit the books, and decided that I wasn’t balancing enough. Which was true. I mean I’m playing $36 HUSNGS and to me I’m thinking that those are still medium stakes and balancing isn’t super important there. BUT then I realized, I’m playing High Stakes Regulars that are playing lower stakes to them because they don’t get any action higher up. Im not gonna say that balancing was some kind of miracle cure to my game, BUT Its definitely working out better for me. Currently my Bankroll is…..


which means July was a month in the Black :). Im starting a lot of work this month and I really Hope I can continue to do well at the tables even though Ill be back to a regular schedule of 12-14hour days. July Results

Its not the prettiest Graph but dont worry, this story has an happy ending I promise!

Hope everyones doing well, and Ill do my best to provide more content in the upcoming Future!



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