Things are looking up

So I finished my weekly grind today ending my BR at:



Had a mediocre week, I shot up to $806 then back down to $717  then hit some run good to bring it back up to where it is. Overall Im happy with most of my play. There were moments when I prolly shouldn’t have re matched some people, also I’m still very sick from weeks ago :(. I went to a doctor about my coughing on Friday, the conversation went something like this

Doc : I saw you about a month ago for coughing?

Me: yes, I ran out of your medication and I’m still coughing so i came back

Doc: I see…. It says here that 6 months ago you came in for a cough, and a year ago you came in for a cough.

Me: Ya Ive had a chronic cough when seasons change my whole life

Doc: Well there’s nothing wrong with your lungs so you don’t have asthma, I’m going to send you to a specialist in Nose and Throat.

Ugh so I call this “Specialist” and he must be super busy cuz the earliest appointment i can make is 3 weeks! blahhh.


OK so back to poker


These numbers are a bit more realistic than the run good I had last month, though obviously my $6 results are over avg. There def are still people that are over playing hands and/or not thinking about my range vs their 2 cards. and its definitely my main income source for the moment.

I still make plays though

hands like:

Game started at: 2014/5/18 16:24:19
Game ID: 282952817 20/40 $12 Hyper Turbo Heads-up, Table 1 (Hold’em)
Seat 2 is the button
Seat 1: SpaceDog (680).
Seat 2: feltburn (320).
Player feltburn has small blind (20)
Player SpaceDog has big blind (40)
Player SpaceDog received card: [8d]
Player SpaceDog received card: [10c]
Player feltburn received a card.
Player feltburn received a card.
Player feltburn calls (20)
Player SpaceDog checks
*** FLOP ***: [2c 2h 4c]
Player SpaceDog checks
Player feltburn checks
*** TURN ***: [2c 2h 4c] [Kd]
Player SpaceDog checks
Player feltburn bets (40)
Player SpaceDog raises (95)
Player feltburn folds
Uncalled bet (55) returned to SpaceDog
Player SpaceDog mucks cards
—— Summary ——
Pot: 160
Board: [2c 2h 4c Kd]
*Player SpaceDog mucks (does not show cards). Bets: 80. Collects: 160. Wins: 80.
Player feltburn does not show cards.Bets: 80. Collects: 0. Loses: 80.
Game ended at: 2014/5/18 16:24:57

Now before you say that what I did was gross. I should mention that I play a lot with this person. on the flop he would min bet any 4 or spade draw.  leaving mostly air and 2’s to check back, on the Turn the King comes. Normally that would be a scare card, especially because he likes to limp med strength hands, But Id noticed 2ice in this match that both K7o and K8s he had shoved for 8 and 9bbs so I really didn’t think the K was part of his range anymore. Also I think if he still had a deuce he would be checking back because I would be more aggro Preflop if I had a King in my hand. So in theory he was attacking my range, but forgot that he really cant rep much except for a 2. I also had been running over him the whole match and might have won the first 15 hands straight, so he was getting pretty frustrated.


Hope everyone’s running good! thanks for stopping by!




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Off To Vegas

Hey Guys!

What a week!

started playing mostly $6 and $12 HUSNG’s and I did pretty solid for such a low volume.


Not bad for working 14 hour days all week! I stopped early every night because I was starting to nod off while playing.

My Bankroll is $708 dollars. I’m fairly happy with most of my play. Most of my Focus has been on All In situations, with my hand versus their perceived Range vs My perceived Range etc… Its working out. But obviously its a short sample. I look forward to just sticking with $12 HUSNGS, but for now I think its important to play Both, especially since I may not get action at one stake all of the time.

I definitely had a lot of luck with opponents this week. I had a ton of players just making bad plays against me. Its kinda like that scenario when

you raise

someone shoves

you fold

and that someone says ” I knew you were bluffing”


but in reality, If you were bluffing, why raise? cant you just call and beat the bluff?

haha hands like this



the action was something like

Raise then call

flop cbet, I called

Turn was Check Check

I value donked against 2 Pair or worse straight, and he shoves giving me 2-1.  Im not sure why he made that play, If Im bluffing then he could just call and split. If Im not then I usually have a Queen there. I wont elaborate but Im grateful for people making plays in that spot. I hope everyones running good!


Im off to vegas to see old friends and hang out! I dont plan on gambling but who knows! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!




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Golf, LIfe, and Filmmaking

Boy what a week!

To start off, on Saturday I bough some golf clubs from the local Roger Dunn golf store down the street. Last Year I started Playing in my Unions Golf Tournament. I’m no good at golfing, in fact last year I placed Last in the whole tournament, BUT when I like something I try to stick with it and focus on getting better at it.  So this year I bought clubs (before I would borrow a set from a friend), and Proceeded to go to the driving range every night and try to focus on my swing, or lack there of. The good news is I have definitely improved, I used to have trouble even connecting with the ball, now at least I can make contact regularly. The bad news is, I cant really hit well with my driver to save my life. Every time I connect It flies Up and to the Right. Sometimes It even fly’s very far to the right. Thankfully tho the tournament is a scramble, and a team format. So all 4 of us hit and then we play best ball. My teammates only have you use 2 of my drives over 18 holes. And my Allies are all very good at golf, so we ended up placing 5th this year we were -7 by the end of the tournament.  I was hoping to somehow miraculously win it so i could say I came in last place the year before and this year I won it. But I suppose that will have to wait some more years. Golf is hard! haha I look forward to practicing more in the future, but am Glad its over with so i can continue to focus on poker.

Week 2 is over of the Kids film I’m on. It was a hard week in the sense that every day was 14hrs and then I had to race home to practice golf, then crash. Not really much room for poker sadly. My Bankroll Currently is….


$593.  Which is up a little from last week, I struggled throughout most of the week, I went down to around $520 is and hovered for a while, then I had a 10 game winning streak Saturday morning and played well today to bring my back up. I’m still happy with my play, I think I just need to play when I’m not so tired from work. I find myself only having the energy for 2-3 sng’s when I get home, before my eyes start to feel the lethargy from work.  Thanks for stopping by and GL at the tables everyone!



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Looking Up

Hey Guys,

This weeks been pretty solid! I grinded a lot of $6 HUSNGS and have racked up for the month a 14% ROI for those stakes. Obviously some of that is Run Good, but its also good solid play. There’s a ton of people making mistakes and thankfully its been working out in my favor. Currently my Bankroll is $558. Lots of work still needs to be done, but Im very happy with my play, and the way things are shaping up!





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Back from NY

Hey Guys!

Went to NY for a week! It was fun, but I’m glad to be back. Ive been grinding the $6 Hyper HUSNGs again, and having pretty decent success. My BR is $422 and climbing. Ive been doing my best to stay focused, I’m practicing 1 tabling for the moment, which really helps a lot. I’m trying to put the hours in before my next job starts on Monday. Ill be doing 6 day weeks for the next 3 weeks, which will be a bit gross, but I’m cool with that. Its a quick job so it cant be too bad.


This hand happened earlier this morning.

Game started at: 2014/4/19 9:14:18
Game ID: 274790062 10/20 $6 Hyper Turbo Heads-up, Table 1 (Hold’em)
Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: Dstunner27 (554).
Seat 2: SpaceDog (446).
Player Dstunner27 has small blind (10)
Player SpaceDog has big blind (20)
Player SpaceDog received card: [7c]
Player SpaceDog received card: [4s]
Player Dstunner27 received a card.
Player Dstunner27 received a card.
Player Dstunner27 raises (30)
Player SpaceDog calls (20)
*** FLOP ***: [Qs 7h Js]
Player SpaceDog checks
Player Dstunner27 bets (54)
Player SpaceDog raises (110)
Player Dstunner27 calls (56)
*** TURN ***: [Qs 7h Js] [2h]
Player SpaceDog allin (296)
Player Dstunner27 calls (296)
*** RIVER ***: [Qs 7h Js 2h] [10c]
—— Summary ——
Pot: 892
Board: [Qs 7h Js 2h 10c]
*Player Dstunner27 shows: One pair of 10s [9d 10d]. Bets: 446. Collects: 892. Wins: 446.
Player SpaceDog shows: One pair of 7s [7c 4s]. Bets: 446. Collects: 0. Loses: 446.
Game ended at: 2014/4/19 9:15:3



His Turn call on my AI looks deceiving. If you do the math he needs 33% to call but in reality he has 32%. which you can definitely argue makes it a call. BUT thats because you know what my hand is.


If you give me a realistic range for my hand possibilities it looks something like

AA,KK,KQo,KQs,Kts,Kto, K2s, QJs-Q3s,QJo-Q3o Jts-J4s, T7s, T7o, 97s,97o,87s,87o,76s-74s,76o-74o


basically something around 267 combinations of hands that i could be taking that line with. And against my Range he has 20%, which makes his hand a clear fold and not a close call at all. Hands he could call with would be more like Jacks with a strong Kicker, and most Queens, that should be the most of his calling range, so if he had a Jack he should really be thinking about if his kicker is High enough to make calling profitable. Its villains like that tho, that build your bankroll. I rematched him a bit, only won 2 buyins off of him, but i know against him im very +EV. and those are the spots you need to get into.

Obviously all of that is easier said than done, I mean I cant tell you how many times I play regs and basically feel like im FLipping quarters online. But when you can identify those players that play by “Feel” or recreation, then you can just rely on the math and your nerve, and usually you’ll come out on top.


Hope everyone’s doing well!





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Find more Vids @ here

Some more $6 HUSNG action!
Enjoy guys!

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April 10, 2014 · 10:21 am

Running Mediocre

Rough couple of weeks guys!

My Bankroll is a meesley $310! I ran horrible for a little while trying to run mediocre against someone in the $12 games, then I just couldn’t win a flip to save my life for the longest stretch of days. At one point my Bankroll dropped to about $200 but Ive been sticking to $6 and got it back up to $310. The biggest challenge of this Challenge is finding time to play. I did an 18 day work stint, where i didn’t have any days off, and was working anywhere from 13-20 hr days. Tho only one day was 20 hrs, still Its very hard to concentrate on playing cards when all you wanna do is close your eyes and rest. I have Next week off and am looking forward to doing chores, studying, and grinding. One of the things Ive been toying with is creating some Excel Sheets and going through Hands Ive played to make sure I’m doing the correct play. Ive been watching some good, although basic, tutorials on youtube, and I definitely look forward to putting my knowledge to work.
Also I wanna try to do video content in general for my youtube channel. All of this I aspire to do next week. Im still in this to win this, so wish me luck!


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The Grind

I thought I would write a bit about my current Grind, its pros and cons, and other stuff Im working on to improve.

Typically Im working from 7am-9pm, weekdays. This means I come home, Go directly to my computer and try to put in a solid hour, before i get too tired, and then go to sleep. Rinse and Repeat mon-fri. I like trying to put a solid hour in every night, its tough tho, with co workers wanting to hang after work, sometimes I have work related Homework to do. Sadly this is the only way I can grind this challenge short of quitting my Job. Saturday and Sunday, I usually Reflect on my play, go over my notes and/or flashcards. and do a bit of reading. Then Ill try to grind a decent block of HUSNGs. I feel I’m playing better, tho my Bankroll doesn’t Reflect it. I’m currently at $375. Im trying not to focus too much on what I’m behind on, and rather just focus on my play, and why things are working or not working. If I can Finish this month strong, Ill be very happy with myself and the progress.

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Hey Guys!

So Sorry for the much delayed Post. Ive been working out of town in Eagle Mountain California for the last 3 weeks. What a rush! I work in the Film Industry as a camera man, so I was shooting a small film out there called “Exfil”. I was working mostly nights and very long days, so I was unable to Grind very much. Sadly I was also using my phone to tether my internet through, So I wasn’t having the easiest time playing.


I wish I could tell you I was doing well with my challenge, But the sad fact is, I lost money last month. My current Bankroll is $340. Its great to be back home though. I’m working on another feature currently, but the comfort of my own desktop, as well as access to all my notes, and a controlled playing environment, should help immensely. I plan on trying to work out a good schedule for playing and studying. Also I want to Re-Read some poker books. Books like Image


Its a great book if you haven’t read it. It tackles some really great ways to approach hands and ways to logically dissect the right courses of action. Its kinda in a workbook format too, so if you are so inclined you can grab a notepad and paper and work out problems with a calculator. I like this format, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something after reading. The reason Im Re-reading it tho Is i feel like repetition helps me retain what I’m trying to learn. So back to the books I go.


It feels great to be back in my apartment though, so I’m thinking positive thoughts about my results this month. Hope everyone’s well,




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Update From a Ghost Town

Hey Guys!

So I’m stuck working in a Ghost town this month! I’m using my cell phone as a tether to play poker on my very slow computer. Its working well tho, I was very nervous about the phone tether but its working out great! I don’t really seem to notice any lag, and its super reliable.

The Downside to playing out here is that My computer is very slow, so I cant Run a HUD while I’m playing. I can play fine without one, but Huds allow me to pay attention less, and when Im working a 15 hr day Its very hard to play 100%. So I miss that.

Other wise I’m in High Spirits, Im break Evenish this week, My Bankroll is around $545 . I’m staying around the $6 level since I cant really focus too well right now and I don’t want the pressure of losing while I’m out here. hope everyones well!



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