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$24 HU Hyper TUrbo Sng!

New Video! Back to the Grind! $24 HU Hyper Sngs!!

I talk about topics like Barreling, Perceived Ranges, Jamming frequencies and more!


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The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Hey Guys!

So Bankroll climbed up to……..


Which although I am Happy with, I was really Hoping to be at 3k by today. This week, I tried to practice only playing Solid players in a best of 3 games scenario. I think that should cut down on the variance of swings a bit for me. Especially since Im still working on climbing stakes. I played mostly the $24 and $36 Husngs this month.



I had such a good start to this month! Hopefully My July can swing into gear. I know I have some work lined up as well as a trip to NY around the corner.

On the bright side:

I got my FTP Refund Check in the mail last week! I didnt even get notified, I was depositing into my savings account and noticed the balance was much bigger than it should be. I went to look at the transaction history and BOOM, Deposit from the DOJ. Im not gonna lie, I never thought Id see a penny of that money. Its like this huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. So then I go on Cardrunners to see if anyone else is in this boat with me. And a Friend makes a comment that Juicy Stakes Poker has a new Owner and we can cashout now. When FTP died, I created an account on Cake poker, because at the time they had a good reputation and seemed like good software. But after a year, they emailed me and told me they had transferred my account to a site called “Juicy Stakes” which looked like a ghetto version of Cake poker. I ran $200 into a sizable Bankroll and tried to withdrawal. And they kept my money Pending for 9 months! Finally I emailed them very angrily for a month, and they put the money back into my account. I haven’t played on the site or checked my balance ever since.

Flash forward to today.

I requested a Juicy Stakes cash out (Max is 1k, and they charge $100 check cutting fee, 3 checks allowed per month) and 4 days later they email me saying

“Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that your cashout request has now been processed and the Check will arrive in 3 to 5 days at your mailing address on record with Juicy Stakes by courier. Never mention online poker when talking to your bank about this Check please. Kindly note that the Check will be sent from a Canadian Bank.

Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Juicy Stakes Support”


Obviously that seems super shady but seriously I never thought Id see this money either so what can I do.


Anywho the bank worked out great, and now starts the long process of doing 3 checks a month for a while.



The above pic is my stats for the month. The $36 level is a bit skewed and Break Even IMO, I played mostly Regs just so they might be discouraged from sitting me in future sessions. Hopefully that strat pays off. Also the $12 level isn’t anything dramatic, In previous Months Ive been running like God at those stakes so this must be the other side of the coin.

I have lots to do in July, but Ill do my best to try to record a couple vids for the health of the blogs sake, Hope everyone is doing well!




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Busy Week

Hey Guys!

Starting it off with My Bankroll…..


its at $2129.79


Obviously not a big improvement like previous weeks, in fact I think Its around $90 profit for the week. Theres a lot of factors as to why its where it is.

Ill list them in Order of Importance

1)I had a killer first 3 days of the week, I jumped up $390 profit and was looking to have the best week on this blog yet. But then I started playing a Reg, which led to Heads Up Warfare, He was playing well and running well, and one thing led to another, and all my profit slid away. I decided in future matches, Ill just play him 2 out of 3, and if he wins Ill do my best to find a different opponent.

2) I decided that even though I’m sick, I couldn’t turn work down anymore and had to put in about 60+hrs of film making work this week. I got lucky, I got handed some really fun projects.

3) When I get home from said jobs, its roughly 8-10pm and all the fish have gone to bed. So I’m stuck playing regs. Although I do enjoy playing Regs, I enjoy playing New people a whole lot more. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record about mentioning the regs so ill stop.

Im only working 4 days this week though, So Im gonna try to do a video or 2 of me playing the $24 and $36 stake level. I know Im super overdue on that. Thanks for stopping by!




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Ojo De La Tigre

Hey Kids!

Alright Starting things off with….

My Current Bankroll is $2038.57

And we Aint stopping. This Car came with a full gas tank and no brakes.


Had a Mediocre week at the tables. Just played $24 HUSNGs I played a couple $60 cuz I saw it was this reg that was dodging me and I wanted to send him a message, but the rest of the week I stuck to the $24’s.Capture

I started the week off really well. But then I started getting Bum Hunted by a new reg. Ive played him before but I decided that the best course of action was to play him til he quit me, he started off strong, won around 5 buy ins in some cooler situations mixed with bad calls on my end. So my duel started off 6-2 , but I stuck with him, and later we pushed it to 14-9, still convinced that variance was helping him as well as tightening up some of my looser calls that may have had poor judgement. I stuck with him and turned things around, I started crushing him, and tied it up 17-17, in fact the last 5 of those games I played so aggressive that when I finally tied him at 17-17 he snap quit me. I don’t think he’ll be sitting me for a couple weeks at least, and if he does, I have pages of notes now against him.

I wanted to show you some fun calls I did without a hand. I think In both of these I made the call solely on the fact my opponents weren’t thinking of the range their representing.

WPN, $24 Buy-in (10/20 blinds) No Limit Hold’em Tournament, 2 Players
Poker Tools by CardRunners – http://www.cardrunners.com/

Hero (SB): 500 (25 bb)
BB: 500 (25 bb)

Preflop: Hero is SB with Kd Qd
Hero raises to 40, BB calls 20

Flop: (80) Ac 8d 6s (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets 35, BB raises to 80, Hero calls 45

Turn: (240) Jc (2 players)
BB bets 120, Hero calls 120

River: (480) 8c (2 players)
BB bets 260 and is all-in, Hero calls 260 and is all-in

Results: 1,000 pot
Final Board: Ac 8d 6s Jc 8c
Hero showed Kd Qd and won 1,000 (500 net)
BB showed 7h 5s and lost (-500 net)


This ones fun cuz on the turn I was kinda torn between a call or a fold, but when the 8 rolled off on the river, I snap called.  I actually dislike his play, I understand what hes thinking on the turn, but If I call that turn, Im NEVER folding the river, At that point I have just as many club draws as he does in my range, Actually I have more since I still have the Ace of clubs in my range, and he NEVER did. I think hes literally just setting money on fire in that spot with a bluff after the turn play.


Second Hand

WPN, $24 Buy-in (10/20 blinds) No Limit Hold’em Tournament, 2 Players
Poker Tools by CardRunners – http://www.cardrunners.com/

SB: 535 (26.8 bb)
Hero (BB): 465 (23.3 bb)

Preflop: Hero is BB with Kh 7h
SB completes, Hero raises to 60, SB calls 40

Flop: (120) Jd 7c 3s (2 players)
Hero bets 45, SB calls 45

Turn: (210) Qd (2 players)
Hero checks, SB bets 120, Hero calls 120

River: (450) Ah (2 players)
Hero checks, SB bets 310 and is all-in, Hero calls 240 and is all-in

Results: 930 pot
Final Board: Jd 7c 3s Qd Ah
SB showed 9d 8h and lost (-465 net)
Hero showed Kh 7h and won 930 (465 net)

this ones a bit different.

When he check/calls the flop his range is something like


and In all Honesty this is me being Generous, I feel when I raise PF this guy would probably give me a cute re-raise on the flop something really small with AA or KK, people get greedy like that.  Also I Included QTs to his flop calling range cuz I do think he’d call a small flop bet with something along those lines. I feel like ALL of his weak Jacks except J7 would Re-raise me on the flop  for fear of protection. as well as most of the 7’s in his range would also Re-raise the flop. so as you can see by the photo most of his calling range is Air, with QJ being the only real threat.

so the Qd comes on the turn.

He bets 120……

I tank and rule out all the Jacks in his range, I still beat most of the 7’s that he failed to Re-raise the flop with. so that leaves mostly bluffs that are betting big to scare me off and maybe some hidden monster like AA or KK but Im in the air on if he even plays those premiums that way.  I call and decide if the River is a blank card Im calling him down.

River is the Ace of Hearts.

Now he gives his hand away

He has No Aces in his range except for AA, and there’s even less combos of that when that River ace comes. That Ace is the WORST card for him, and he shoves? any weak 1 pair hands would most likely check or bet small. especially after I call that heavy turn bet. Honestly with His hand after that turn, when the Ace comes he needs to shut down, He cant rep anything and I didn’t believe him on the turn so he really cant force too much of a fold on the river.  his river range looks like River


You see how the bottom of that Picture it says 79 combos? well 66 of those combos I beat.  Thankfully It worked out and Im able to blog to you today about the call. History is only written by the winners right? 🙂

Anywho I’m withing $100 of jumping up stakes this week to the $36 HUSNGs. I look forward to grinding those for a little while. Hopefully they work out.  Thanks for stopping by, and Feel free to throw out a comment,







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Golf, LIfe, and Filmmaking

Boy what a week!

To start off, on Saturday I bough some golf clubs from the local Roger Dunn golf store down the street. Last Year I started Playing in my Unions Golf Tournament. I’m no good at golfing, in fact last year I placed Last in the whole tournament, BUT when I like something I try to stick with it and focus on getting better at it.  So this year I bought clubs (before I would borrow a set from a friend), and Proceeded to go to the driving range every night and try to focus on my swing, or lack there of. The good news is I have definitely improved, I used to have trouble even connecting with the ball, now at least I can make contact regularly. The bad news is, I cant really hit well with my driver to save my life. Every time I connect It flies Up and to the Right. Sometimes It even fly’s very far to the right. Thankfully tho the tournament is a scramble, and a team format. So all 4 of us hit and then we play best ball. My teammates only have you use 2 of my drives over 18 holes. And my Allies are all very good at golf, so we ended up placing 5th this year we were -7 by the end of the tournament.  I was hoping to somehow miraculously win it so i could say I came in last place the year before and this year I won it. But I suppose that will have to wait some more years. Golf is hard! haha I look forward to practicing more in the future, but am Glad its over with so i can continue to focus on poker.

Week 2 is over of the Kids film I’m on. It was a hard week in the sense that every day was 14hrs and then I had to race home to practice golf, then crash. Not really much room for poker sadly. My Bankroll Currently is….


$593.  Which is up a little from last week, I struggled throughout most of the week, I went down to around $520 is and hovered for a while, then I had a 10 game winning streak Saturday morning and played well today to bring my back up. I’m still happy with my play, I think I just need to play when I’m not so tired from work. I find myself only having the energy for 2-3 sng’s when I get home, before my eyes start to feel the lethargy from work.  Thanks for stopping by and GL at the tables everyone!



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Hey Guys!

So Sorry for the much delayed Post. Ive been working out of town in Eagle Mountain California for the last 3 weeks. What a rush! I work in the Film Industry as a camera man, so I was shooting a small film out there called “Exfil”. I was working mostly nights and very long days, so I was unable to Grind very much. Sadly I was also using my phone to tether my internet through, So I wasn’t having the easiest time playing.


I wish I could tell you I was doing well with my challenge, But the sad fact is, I lost money last month. My current Bankroll is $340. Its great to be back home though. I’m working on another feature currently, but the comfort of my own desktop, as well as access to all my notes, and a controlled playing environment, should help immensely. I plan on trying to work out a good schedule for playing and studying. Also I want to Re-Read some poker books. Books like Image


Its a great book if you haven’t read it. It tackles some really great ways to approach hands and ways to logically dissect the right courses of action. Its kinda in a workbook format too, so if you are so inclined you can grab a notepad and paper and work out problems with a calculator. I like this format, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something after reading. The reason Im Re-reading it tho Is i feel like repetition helps me retain what I’m trying to learn. So back to the books I go.


It feels great to be back in my apartment though, so I’m thinking positive thoughts about my results this month. Hope everyone’s well,




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So, I played a lot of $2 HU Hypers, and when I felt my game had returned, I stepped Back up to $6 HU Hypers. Finally a good week! Granted Ive been running moderately, but I managed to have my first winning week since Week 1. Currently My Bankroll is at $370. The way Ive been running Ill take it. I wasn’t just running bad, I was making small mistakes that Added Up. A ton of the players at this Buy In Level just don’t play as aggressive as I am Used to, and as a result I was stacking off way too light, and making calls that really should only be applied at Higher Levels. I studied a bit and corrected a lot of my more common mistakes.

As you can see I thankfully turned things around a bit.

As you can see I thankfully turned things around a bit.

Obviously Id like to be doing better In my challenge, but For now I feel like making sure I have a strong grasp on the basics, is more important than jumping up stakes. Looking forward to posting my End of the month graph. 🙂

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Weekly Update

Hey Guys!
So my run bad continued a bit this week, I dropped 13 buy ins not playing my best while being sick, some of that was a 10 game losing streak. Its tough, but my co worker got me sick and Ive been trying to grind after work when All I really can think about is laying down. My last day of work for this job is tomorrow, so Im hoping the weekend Rest will shake this head cold and I can Be back on the grind. Although I will say Im not happy reporting the loss this week, Im still feeling very confident about Running It back up soon. Im staying as focused as I can be, as well as self Critiquing hands I butcher.

My Bankroll is currently $327.19. Ill try to post my graph this weekend. Thanks for Reading!


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$6 HU Hyper SNG’s

More Hyper HU SNG Action click like to show your support 🙂

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January 12, 2014 · 8:39 am

Unlimited Holdemz $6 HU HYPER Turbos

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more $6 Hu Hypers The Action Continues.

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