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$24 HU Hyper TUrbo Sng!

New Video! Back to the Grind! $24 HU Hyper Sngs!!

I talk about topics like Barreling, Perceived Ranges, Jamming frequencies and more!


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The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Hey Guys!

So Bankroll climbed up to……..


Which although I am Happy with, I was really Hoping to be at 3k by today. This week, I tried to practice only playing Solid players in a best of 3 games scenario. I think that should cut down on the variance of swings a bit for me. Especially since Im still working on climbing stakes. I played mostly the $24 and $36 Husngs this month.



I had such a good start to this month! Hopefully My July can swing into gear. I know I have some work lined up as well as a trip to NY around the corner.

On the bright side:

I got my FTP Refund Check in the mail last week! I didnt even get notified, I was depositing into my savings account and noticed the balance was much bigger than it should be. I went to look at the transaction history and BOOM, Deposit from the DOJ. Im not gonna lie, I never thought Id see a penny of that money. Its like this huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. So then I go on Cardrunners to see if anyone else is in this boat with me. And a Friend makes a comment that Juicy Stakes Poker has a new Owner and we can cashout now. When FTP died, I created an account on Cake poker, because at the time they had a good reputation and seemed like good software. But after a year, they emailed me and told me they had transferred my account to a site called “Juicy Stakes” which looked like a ghetto version of Cake poker. I ran $200 into a sizable Bankroll and tried to withdrawal. And they kept my money Pending for 9 months! Finally I emailed them very angrily for a month, and they put the money back into my account. I haven’t played on the site or checked my balance ever since.

Flash forward to today.

I requested a Juicy Stakes cash out (Max is 1k, and they charge $100 check cutting fee, 3 checks allowed per month) and 4 days later they email me saying

“Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that your cashout request has now been processed and the Check will arrive in 3 to 5 days at your mailing address on record with Juicy Stakes by courier. Never mention online poker when talking to your bank about this Check please. Kindly note that the Check will be sent from a Canadian Bank.

Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Juicy Stakes Support”


Obviously that seems super shady but seriously I never thought Id see this money either so what can I do.


Anywho the bank worked out great, and now starts the long process of doing 3 checks a month for a while.



The above pic is my stats for the month. The $36 level is a bit skewed and Break Even IMO, I played mostly Regs just so they might be discouraged from sitting me in future sessions. Hopefully that strat pays off. Also the $12 level isn’t anything dramatic, In previous Months Ive been running like God at those stakes so this must be the other side of the coin.

I have lots to do in July, but Ill do my best to try to record a couple vids for the health of the blogs sake, Hope everyone is doing well!




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Back from NY

Hey Guys!

Went to NY for a week! It was fun, but I’m glad to be back. Ive been grinding the $6 Hyper HUSNGs again, and having pretty decent success. My BR is $422 and climbing. Ive been doing my best to stay focused, I’m practicing 1 tabling for the moment, which really helps a lot. I’m trying to put the hours in before my next job starts on Monday. Ill be doing 6 day weeks for the next 3 weeks, which will be a bit gross, but I’m cool with that. Its a quick job so it cant be too bad.


This hand happened earlier this morning.

Game started at: 2014/4/19 9:14:18
Game ID: 274790062 10/20 $6 Hyper Turbo Heads-up, Table 1 (Hold’em)
Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: Dstunner27 (554).
Seat 2: SpaceDog (446).
Player Dstunner27 has small blind (10)
Player SpaceDog has big blind (20)
Player SpaceDog received card: [7c]
Player SpaceDog received card: [4s]
Player Dstunner27 received a card.
Player Dstunner27 received a card.
Player Dstunner27 raises (30)
Player SpaceDog calls (20)
*** FLOP ***: [Qs 7h Js]
Player SpaceDog checks
Player Dstunner27 bets (54)
Player SpaceDog raises (110)
Player Dstunner27 calls (56)
*** TURN ***: [Qs 7h Js] [2h]
Player SpaceDog allin (296)
Player Dstunner27 calls (296)
*** RIVER ***: [Qs 7h Js 2h] [10c]
—— Summary ——
Pot: 892
Board: [Qs 7h Js 2h 10c]
*Player Dstunner27 shows: One pair of 10s [9d 10d]. Bets: 446. Collects: 892. Wins: 446.
Player SpaceDog shows: One pair of 7s [7c 4s]. Bets: 446. Collects: 0. Loses: 446.
Game ended at: 2014/4/19 9:15:3



His Turn call on my AI looks deceiving. If you do the math he needs 33% to call but in reality he has 32%. which you can definitely argue makes it a call. BUT thats because you know what my hand is.


If you give me a realistic range for my hand possibilities it looks something like

AA,KK,KQo,KQs,Kts,Kto, K2s, QJs-Q3s,QJo-Q3o Jts-J4s, T7s, T7o, 97s,97o,87s,87o,76s-74s,76o-74o


basically something around 267 combinations of hands that i could be taking that line with. And against my Range he has 20%, which makes his hand a clear fold and not a close call at all. Hands he could call with would be more like Jacks with a strong Kicker, and most Queens, that should be the most of his calling range, so if he had a Jack he should really be thinking about if his kicker is High enough to make calling profitable. Its villains like that tho, that build your bankroll. I rematched him a bit, only won 2 buyins off of him, but i know against him im very +EV. and those are the spots you need to get into.

Obviously all of that is easier said than done, I mean I cant tell you how many times I play regs and basically feel like im FLipping quarters online. But when you can identify those players that play by “Feel” or recreation, then you can just rely on the math and your nerve, and usually you’ll come out on top.


Hope everyone’s doing well!





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